Sun Certified Enterprise Architect part 1 completed!

Good news! I just passed the first part of SCEA with a score of 89%.
Now comes the assignment part, it should be less stressful as there is no time limit and involves arhitecting a solution for a small system and document it in UML diagrams (that’s what I’m supposed to do for a living! :-) )
I must say it didn’t feel very difficult. First I bought Mark Cade’s “Sun Certified Enterprise Architect for J2EE Technology Study Guide” is a little bit short, but is a great overview of the topics and expectations of the exam. Is a truly study guide. I got good notes also from scea yahoogroups list. The mailing list is almost useless, but the files section has good resources.
www.moelholm.com has the best (free) exam simulator, if you pass the mock tests, surely you’ll pass the exam. www.leocrawford.org.uk has a very good review of the important stuff . I read it the day before the test. If you want more links, comments, details, let me know, I'll be happy to share them...
Now, I want to start the part 2 ASAP :-)

(UPDATE 05/14/2007: More links)
Java certification success, Part 4: SCEA
Good (although the stateful session bean lifecycle diagram is incorrect), can be a study guide similar to Cade's book but even shorter. You need to register to download it
Pete Morgan's Sun Certified Enterprise Architect Part 1 Notes
Nice notes, once you learned the topics, this will help you to keep them on your mind
CertMag on the Web Programming Success: The SCEA Certification
A guide to the certification and useful links, some of them old though

And of course, there's plenty of discussion in Javaranch's saloon, like this notes.

(UPDATE 05/17/2007: More links)
I found also this collection of links at Ideartis
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