Caffeinated soap (or Caffeine can kill your creativity!)

This has nothing to do with software development, but seems to cool to left it uncommented: Caffeinated soap!
Feeling too sleepy in the morning and need an extra kick?
In a hurry and without time to shower AND have your morning coffee?
This looks more practical than getting in the shower with your favorite coffee mug:
you will absorb the caffeine through your skin while showering!
(ok, maybe it has something to do with software, it comes from ThinkGeek, and most of the it workers I know are totally hooked up on coffee… myself included)
But use it with caution, as caffeine hurts your creativity!
Yes, my friends, that wonderful black beverage, your companion of many lines of code, is not your best friend when you need to innovate… looks like creativity is associated with alpha brain waves, but the alertness state provided by coffee is associated with beta brain waves (focus, high attention), so when you need to create a solution, leave the coffee aside (or drink the bare minimum to keep you awake)
BTW music seems to have a similar “creativity killing effect”, but that is because listening to music occupies your right brain (the one you need to be creative!). Maybe is all pseudo-science, but if you’re drinking coffee while listening to music, don’t expect to have your “eureka” moment… consider yourself warned!
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