Short break for a long hiatus

Hi! Anybody out there?
I guess twitter totally killed whatever energy I had for blogging :)
For lazy people like me, the fact that instead of inaccurately express your idea in a couple of paragraph you're able to slap one phrase and that's enough is fantastic... it doesn't even need to be coherent!

Noteworthy things that happen in between (in no particular order whatsoever):
  • I'm learning Scheme by the AWESOME book "The Little Schemer" (Amazon link: The Little Schemer - 4th Edition) and using PLT Scheme / Racket. I'm getting over to my aversion to prefix notation and now I can somehow understand Lisp code and I'm getting ready to learn Clojure 
  • I'm back in my home country, Uruguay (go team! we made it to the semifinals!!)
  • I badly broke my ankle, had two surgeries and I still limp after a couple of months
  • I'm expecting another baby!
  • Scala 2.8 is out!!!!!!! Go get it while still hot
  • I need to learn Haskell
  • I went to the east coast Scala lift-off and meet awesome people
  • Don't be afraid of powerful languages, believe it or not, they make your life easier
  • I bought more Star wars legos than I needed
  • I have a couple of unfinished blog posts that someday I'll finish :)
Thanks for stopping by, I'll promise more useful posts in the future.
(I'm adding a totally unrelated picture of a alien spider I found lying on a wall)