I just added a list of the books I own that I consider important. Of the list, I consider "The Mythical Man-Month" and "Peopleware" two fundamental books that everybody involved in software development. Reading "The Mythical Man-Month" is almost sad when you discover how little our industry has learned. Ok, some organizations learned, but I know a lot that don't. And those looks like the dinosaurs struggling in the tar pit of software development. "Peopleware" is a great complement of the other book, very good ideas and the focus on the most important component of software development, the people! I think somehow Tom DeMarco provides the elusive "silver bullet" formula: smart and motivated teams will succeed in software development. Sometimes, "Peopleware" looks a little unrealistic and unsound, but I believe is part of the idea of the book, it should inspire to look beyond, to the people who creates software.
I must say I had the opportunity to at least try to apply the basic ideas of team gelling and the results where great. (I really enjoyed leading the "13 Guerreros"...).
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