Learning Ruby

I've been trying to learn Ruby since a long time but never seemed to have the time or the right tutorial. It looks a nice way to get into the dynamic languages way of thinking (and clean some of the java stuff in my brain), and a very fun language to program.
Yes, I toyed with the online ruby interpreter try ruby!, played with Ruby on Rails on my computer, and read some tutorials, but I didn't got enough momentum. I have a good idea of block, closures, mixins, everything-is-an-object, etc, but I want to see them in action ( and the whole idea of DSL in Ruby looks VERY promising).
Guess is harder when you don't need to use it daily, but having missed the opportunity to learn Smalltalk, I feel that Ruby will be a better choice now.
At least, my search led me to get back in touch with an old friend.
On the other hand, Java seems to be acting like a huge borg, assimilating and digesting everything that seems to be useful to program, probably with ugly results but I'll enjoy using them anyway.
But while waiting for the results of part II and III of SCEA, I felt ready to try again, and I found a wonderful guide:
"Why’s (Poignant) Guide to Ruby", I just read the first 2 chapters, and I loved it (is a lot to say, because I already knew the stuff covered!). For me, it felt somewhat similar to "Head First" series, but with a lot less caffeine :-), really like the style.
I'll tell you at the end if I finally learned Ruby, and what I'm going to do to not forget it, but meanwhile, I'm enjoying the read...
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